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Waco Personal Injury Attorney

Preventable accidents happen every day, even to those of us who try to be reasonably cautious. Under Texas law, people can be held responsible for any unnecessary injuries they cause to others. However, this is not an easy undertaking. Demonstrating a defendant’s responsibility for an accident in court is a challenging process involving many variables.

If you are considering taking legal action against a party that has injured you or a loved one, you will need experienced legal counsel. Waco personal injury attorney Vic Feazell, P.C., and his legal team can provide all of the legal assistance you need. Contact our offices at 877-948-4842 to learn more.

Injury Cases We Handle

Our Waco personal injury attorneys are prepared to take on nearly kind of case. Some of the accidents that may form grounds for legal action include:

If you have suffered from a severe physical injury, you do not need to face the consequences alone. A skilled attorney can help you win fair compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and related expenses.

Texas Tort Law

If you are considering filing a Waco personal injury lawsuit, there are two legal concepts you need to be familiar with.

Comparative negligence: Under this legal doctrine, your compensation will be partially based on your responsibility for the accident. If you are 20% responsible for contributing to the accident, you can be compensated for 80% of your losses.

Joint and several liability: There may be more than one party responsible for your injuries. The party that is found most responsible will be made to cover all of your damages. This is important to consider when you are deciding whom to file a claim against.

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